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Solutions for business administration

Business administration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Rantring has developed software to help companies organize and enhance customer relationships. The key of our CRM is to integrate all the organizational aspects of the company, sharing information and data among users and eliminating time lost due to duplication of work.  

In our view, the word CRM refers both to the business strategy focused on the customer as the computer applications that facilitate it, in what is commonly referred to as relationship marketing. The CRM is not only about adopting a business strategy focused on the customer, but also to implement it in such a way to change the way of working of employees and customers, so new interactions with work processes can be created. 

Benefits of implementing Rantring CRM:

  • Increase customer knowledge
  • Increase loyalty and customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce the costs of the service

Features of Rantring CRM:

  • Access to documents and customer agendas anytime and anywhere.
  • CRM international Rantring CRM has been built to be multicurrency and Multilanguage.
  • Manage users and display sections and content through authorizations granted by the administrator.
  • Allows sharing calendars and monitor the availability of other employees to organize meetings.
  • Analyze sales or budgets.
  • Useful and functional reports.
  • Device alerts based on the configured options.
  • Mobile Solutions: using the PDA software
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