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Security sistem soultions


Only the administrator has privilege to add new alarms. He can position the alarms according to the building structure. Each alarm is associated to hardware devices like CCTV or card readers.

Each installed alarm has only an identifier and except for some details, they will be added to the relational database when signing up.

The alarms can be classified in three main categories:
• Access alarms.
• Fire alarms.
• Audio/video alarms.

All these categories are associated with a specific hardware. Trough the use of the ISS properties configuration the administrator will have privileges to make changes in any alarm system.


5.1 Add new alarm

In order to add a new alarm in the system we fill up the window with the necessary data and press on “save”. This way, the alarm is registered and is ready for its use.

Add alarm
Fig. 5.1. Add alarm

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