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CCTV - Closed circuit of TV

The Closed Circuit of TV allows to visualize and to listen, what is happening at the facilities and their environs in real time. The cameras can be located inside or outside the building to control the environs.

It is denominated closed circuit because all their components are connected. In addition, it is a system thought for a limited number of users.

The circuit can be built by one or more connected monitoring cameras although usually they are network connected to other components like videos or computers.

These systems include night vision, operations attended by computer and detection of movement, which helps the system to activate when something moves in front of the cameras.

A system CCTV can be installed in places where machinery worker cannot observe directly if there are people who can be hurt by an unexpected behaviour of the machine. For example, at the subway, the CCTV cameras help the conductor to confirm that there are no people between the doors before closing them and start it.

The images caught by the cameras are treated and sent through the network to the server by IP protocol. The system has access to all the installed cameras. In addition, the direction of the camera can be change so that it catches what we need to see.

Fig. 4.1. Camera

It allows recording the images, which depends on several parameters like the hour, the day, to activate only when detecting movement, etc.

Multiple cameras
Fig. 4.2. Multiple cameras

Recordings are kept on the server to allow future visualization. Time and other properties are configured so that all the process can be the more automatic and comfortable for the client.

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