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Security sistem soultions


ISS has powerful tools that allow extending the habitual functionalities of access control communicating with other systems of the buildings, as the air-conditioned, alarms, fire detection, cameras of closed circuit of TV, intrusion of systems, lighting system etc.
Between the functionalities incorporated in the product, they emphasize the following ones:


Design of an open architecture.

It assures a universal support and an enormous flexibility for the client. The application supports standards of the databases in the industry, compatible engravers of video, cameras, networks, printers, numbers of identification and cards with Microsoft Windows. In addition, it accepts the standard protocols of network sector and their topologies, including Microsoft TCP/IP.


Capability of limitless management.

It offers scalability without limited solution of integrated software. The design will fulfils the necessities of any organization, from whom it needs only level access, to a great corporation with numerous facilities and card readers located everywhere in the world. It will support thousands of card readers, alert assembly areas and security systems.


Data bases with segmentation outpost.

It allows the administrators of the system to partition the database in multiple segments, to limit the visualization and manipulation of the information. The database could be segmented to allow the operators of the system see and manage only those users, facilities, and computers to which have privileges. This functionality is ideal for great companies or universities where some functional departments or areas want to maintain their autonomy and independent control.


Integration of Biometry and Smart cards.

It provides advanced support for biometry, including technologies of reading fingerprint and hands. Each group of biometrics users is stored in the database. The groups will be able to be unloaded in Intelligent Systems controllers or to be codified in smart cards, this way it is not necessary to separate the networks and the templates system management.


Multimedia Integration.

Functionality of dynamic multimedia Integration in all the system using graphics and maps in real time. The alarms will be configured to automatically prevent in case of certain events. In addition, voice commands can be configured so that each alarm has written instructions and pre-recorded audio. In addition, it will be possible to integrate with verification of live video and the real time monitoring of the alarms, thus allowing guards the visual verification of user’s activities and the activity in safe remote areas.


Interface with the central station receiver.

Integration with other central stations alarms receivers. The events of the receivers can be configured to send processes of recording digital video. In addition, they could be stored and be associated to other output devices as the sirens or lights.


Automatic e-mails.

The system allows sending email messages automatically when an alarm takes place. For example, when a door is forced, the alarm notification can be send via email to the security guard at the place or to the administrator in another city, everything in real time and without the intervention of any operator.


High availability and failures checked server.

The failures checked server and his architecture of redundant database allows the system to continue working if the primary database fails. In case of server failure, the system will change automatically to a server backup, which saves time in the monitoring. In addition, the intervention of any operator will not be required.


Grouping .

In case of emergency, the system will generate a list of people who are located in danger areas, as well as a list of the individuals that are in safe zones. The system will update those listings in real time.

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