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Map of devices

The ISS map of devices is the place in which the previous sections converge. It is a control centre, which allows loading building planes and pasting images of readers, sensors and other devices on it, to know exactly what kind of alarm or event is happening in each part of the building.

Map of devices
Fig. 7.1. Map of devices.

When selecting a device, the information associated to it appears in the box of the right part. If the device is, a monitoring camera, in addition to the related information, is a box with the image that gathers the camera in real time.


7.1 Add new device.

In order to add a device, pressed the button “new reader” and fill up the data of the emergent window.

Add device
Fig. 7.2. Add device.

Each type of device has a unique representative icon. This way it will be possible to know the number of devices of each location and its type.


7.2. Warning of incident.

When an unusual situation or an event that we want to control takes place, ISS will warn to us using sonorous and visual signals. In addition, the window of the Map of Devices will open up automatically showing the specific map and the conflict zone will be loaded. This way, it will be easier to have an idea of what it is happening and, therefore, to decide what action is most convenient.

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