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Magnetic cards

The magnetic cards are write/read devices that allow storing user data to which they belong. A magnetic card can keep any digital data type and provides three tracks of independent data.

The readers are devices based on micro-controllers who read the information through special heads located inside it. There are several types of card readers and each one communicates with the server by different means. Connectors RS-232 or ports USB connected to any PC or terminals are use generally.

A card detected by the reader sends data to the system to take actions. These data can be used to offer greater security for possible intrusions. A typical scene for the use of these devices is to control access to buildings. Placing a card reader in the entrance, connected to a door or winch, each user has to pass the card through the reader.

This way, the number of people inside the building and the time of arrival and exit of each one can be known exactly. ISS allows reading and writing in those magnetic cards. Initial menu option provides a process to create a new user.

Add magnetic card
Fig. 3.1 Add magnetic card

The window for the creation of a new user magnetic card presents/displays a simple interface, in which it is only necessary to fill up the specified data. It allows reading two fingerprints by user to obtain a greater security. Whenever a user passes the card through the reader, his data will be stored in the database. Later, the data can be analysed to create statistics or to make an exhaustive pursuit of each user. The system offers, by defect, the option to visualize the accesses between two certain dates (fig.4.2). Although depending on the situation and the work of each client, this information could be, personalize without any type of restrictions.

Report of accesses
Fig. 3.2 Report of accesses.

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