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Custom projects

Internet solutions

We offer web custom projects. From the basic management of requirements to be in the Internet (domain registry, web hosting and electronic mail, search positioning), we processed the most suitable strategy for the implantation of your business in Internet. We divide this strategy in the phases of starting, analysis, design, implementation, test and maintenance of the Web. We offer the most innovating solutions in the following fields:


E-business provides integrated management, ties the business processes directly with clients, suppliers, and employees… through networks based on Internet standard communications or Private Networks.

E-business is developed due to new information technologies in the enterprise world. It is transforming the enterprise practice throughout the value chain, in relation with suppliers, clients, finance, etc.

The Rantring team will help you identify your positioning in the e-business world, to design and execute the best strategy in order to improve your investment return.



An Intranet is a local network that works with a standard protocol. It helps to the communications and internal collaboration between the company members. Some of the advantages of an Intranet are:

• Unified administrative and communication centre for areas and departments. Imp0rovement of the internal communication between employees and better information structuring within the company.

• Effective knowledge management: Through unified information processing, we can improve the knowledge and take better conclusions to our clients.

• Post-sale monitoring to trace product sales.

Integral management is the process of pre-sale, sale and post-sale with precise information of each client, who allows us to advance in the field of relational marketing.



The term Extranet applies to those extensions of the Intranet, which allow diverse functionalities offered in restricted areas. They can be extended to the clients, suppliers, or any agent of the value chain. We use the login and password to settle different access levels and thus to be able to authorize the entrance of users and to determine the different access levels to information.

The Extranet simplifies the business processes and it improves the efficiency of the organizations when sharing consistent and updated information.



E-commerce is the commerce, which is made electronically. It provides a unique opportunity to modernize and to automate the processes, to reach new markets and to meet client needs.

Rantring has wide experience in the development of all kind of e-commerce applications with our own quality-oriented methodologies.

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